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Lighting Design for Kitchen Remodeling and Kitchen Lighting

Lighting Exclusively Homes provides affordable kitchen lighting for any kitchen remodeling project or new construction.

We create a lighting design and specify all the lighting fixture information needed to correctly install the proper recessed lighting and undercabinet lighting products and the appropriate location for each kitchen lighting fixture. By forming a custom lighting plan specific to your kitchen remodel with Lighting Exclusively Homes, all of the guesswork is removed and the lighting is done right the first time, eliminating costly mistakes.

Simply fill out the Questionnaire and send us your kitchen plan.

We send you a complete lighting plan and list of the lighting products for your installer.

Specifying the right fixture begins at the light source...the lamp (more commonly known as the light bulb). As there are thousands of different lamps to choose from, confusion is eliminated by the staff at Lighting Exclusively Homes guiding you through the selection process.

Save time and money by using a professional first. The result will be beautifully functional and efficient lighting! Email or call to tell us about your kitchen remodeling project.

We need to know things like:

  • Are you remodeling or is this a new construction?
  • Are you working with a kitchen designer or is this a do-it-yourself effort?
  • Is the style of the kitchen contemporary or traditional?

The answers to questions like these and others contained in the Questionnaire will assist us in providing you with accurate information. At this point, you are welcome to visit the rest of our site, fill out the Questionnaire or email us at info@lightingexclusivelyhomes.com or call our toll free number 1-866-747-9747 with any questions you might have.

Contact us at info@lightingexclusivelyhomes.com or call 1-866-747-9747 to inquire how to begin your lighting plan.    


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